Equality Marketing

Member Acquisition Service




Ongoing Membership Programmes: We do not have a One Fits All approach and  will select specific methodologies that we believe to be the most suitable for your organisation. 

Events Based Promotions: Have experienced/professional F2F promoters at your events to maximise the effect of your event.

Advocacy Programs: Lobbying / Petition / Donation Services.

All our staff are driven by representing the organisations we work with. We always select the staff who have the most passion for the issues that  your particular organisation is focused on. Out team work under a very strict code of conduct and receive ongoing training to accommodate your changing requirements. 


Data Processing


We not only acquire members but also process their information and provide it in the format you prefer.

The data is acquired 'electronically at signup' by using iPads and transferred securely to our administration office. The data then undergoes an intensive verification process and is delivered to you securely in your preferred format.

If, during the verification process, any of the data is found to be incorrect or incomplete, then we will attempt to fix this. If it cannot be fixed, the data will be provided to our clients free-of-charge. This is one of the reasons why we can provide the highest standard of service to our clients.

Unless you require us to handle hard copy data specifically, all data is placed on a PCI accredited secure server from the point of acquisition to the delivery. No paper form means it is faster, cheaper and more secure.

All you need to do is to click on a link on an email notification, download the data, and import the data to your system. You are then ready to process your regular debits. 

Call Centre


Welcome Calls: Our call centre in Melbourne operates from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm for 7 days a week, thanking and welcoming newly acquired members on behalf of our clients.

Although our call centre staff are specially trained to maintain the best relationship with the newly acquired members through daily training sessions, 3-10% of the members will drop out. This is one of the reasons why we can provide the highest standard of service to our clients. 

We attempt to double check the member's information and intention by calling every single new member that we signup. Although the success rate fluctuates, we normally obtain a contact rate of around 80-90%.

If it is found that the member cannot commit long term, then the data is provided to our clients free-of-charge.

Calls for Existing Members: Our call centre can handle calls for existing members such as for upgrading, lobbying, petitions and surveys.