Equality Marketing

Right Person in the Right Place...

Equality Marketing is a melting pot of many different personality, race, age group and personal strength, which is bond together with the passion to work for a good cause. Here are some voices from our staff:


Ireland, currently sales rep


I started working with Equality when I first came to Australia and didn't really know anyone. In that time, I have made life time friends. It is amazing work, you get to meet the most beautiful people while having great fun. Road trips are definitely another great thing about the work. The only con, no other work will seem worthwhile afterwards.



Ireland, currently sales rep


This is the most fun work in the world and I look forward to coming into work every day! We talk people all day and just have a laugh and get to help amazing people while we do that! There’s an amazing feel good factor because you know you are going to makes change in people’s lives. I love the travelling opportunities too, I've seen all of WA because of this work.

The people that work here are amazing, the managers and team leaders here will help you in any way that they possibly can. Every time you get a new personal best, you want to beat it the next day so you are continuously keeping it fresh and trying to think of new ways to be able to get people on board!



UK, currently sales rep



Working for Equality Marketing is fun, rewarding, challenging and exciting. From travelling all over Australia, to cycling around Cambodia, to learning more about myself, meeting people I may not have met before, helping people……making a difference, I haven’t had a job before that has allowed me so many options.

In this company, you have opportunities to move around within the company, and will be supported, using your skills to the best of your ability. I also had great opportunities to practice my famous dance moves and find my future husbands!




Evan Schuurman

Former student and now journalist

There are a lot of attractive qualities about this work. But to single one out as a key motive is difficult. The way we live is unique, that’s for sure. We travel from town to town, meeting new people, joining new members, making new friends. We raise money for some amazing causes, and we earn good wages.

The lifestyle becomes addictive after a while. 

Through my time in this work I’ve managed to do quite a bit both within Australia and overseas. There’ve been numerous road trips’ to Tassie and Canberra as well as trips to Western Australia, the Northern Territory and down the east coast. By working hard in key venues I’ve saved quite a bit and travelled overseas at every opportunity.

But the thing that keeps me coming back to work is the lifestyle. It’s a thrill inspiring people and signing them up. It becomes a game and a great challenge each day.

Melanie Easton

Former actress and now road trip team leader



               Before I came to Australia I had been traveling through India. I’d never been to a developing country before and seen that scale of poverty. I felt helpless. On arrival in Australia on my Working Holiday Visa, I was determined to do a job that actually made a difference. I didn’t want to end up working in a bar, just scraping by and spending all my free time (and money) getting trashed. That’s when I found Work and Travel Oz.

Since working with them I have had an amazing time. I’ve travelled almost the entire way around the country, from Melbourne up into Queensland, across to Darwin and down the spectacular Western coastline to Perth. We’ve done boat trips out to the Whitsundays, dived the Great Barrier Reef and visited the Daintree Rainforest (I finally got to see some Crocs in the wild there…even a baby one!).

In Darwin I got to see the jumping Crocs, and I watched the sun set on Cable Beach in Broome. We even got a week off in Bali all expenses paid!!! I’ve even had the opportunity to get off the beaten track and see the real Australia in lots of the old mining towns like Mount Isa. All this while working and earning great cash, and having an amazing time with the people I work with.

A huge part of why I love this work is just because I really enjoy meeting new people all the time, doing something where I just get to talk to people all day long, have a laugh with them, and maybe inspire them to make a difference. I also love the fact that the amount of money I earn directly corresponds to how hard I work. I’m a really hard worker, and nothing drives me crazier than when I work really hard, while someone else in the same position just does the bare minimum required to get by, and yet still makes as much as I do.

But most importantly to me, I’ve had the opportunity to represent some of my favourite NGOs, and truly make a difference to people in Australia and around the world. While having an awesome time!!! I’ve now become a Team Leader, and have been sponsored to stay in this amazing country for another year. I absolutely love what I do, and couldn’t have imagined a better working holiday here. Much love to everyone at Work and Travel Oz for giving me the best year ever!!!






Jodie Wright

Former Campaigner now nurse



               I have seen the most of the north island of New Zealand and have worked my way extensively through 3 states in Australia, seeing a lot more of the outback than most travellers ever do, not to mention meeting some of the most amazing people whilst inspiring them to help out with some of the most incredible charities! Win win situation really!

I’m so happy that I have this experience and to also work with a group of other backpackers who are now my friends and have been set some brilliant incentives like sky diving, scuba diving on the barrier reef and even a trip to Bali! Best work ever!!!!